Why are cover letters important & how to write


A cover letter is a single page letter that should be part be part of every job application. Cover letter should not be included along with the job application only when the job advertisement explicitly specifies not to include so otherwise cover letter must be included all the time. A well written cover letter should make the reader to read your resume further.

Your cover letter should clearly show what the organization is looking for and how your skills & experience suit the job requirements. You should not use the same cover letter for different companies and job applications .

Emphasize your strengths on your resume, in cover letters and in your interviews. It may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people simply list everything they have ever done. Convey your passion and link your strengths to measurable results. Employers & interviewers love concrete data -- Marcus Buckingham, British Author, Writer & Business consultant

Readability of your cover letter is also a key factor in getting you on the shortlist. This includes the tone, right font, spacing, grammar check and punctuation. Cover letters should not exceed one page as it is the summary of your complete resume hence don’t include the entire resume. Try to re-phrase the words used on resume while writing cover letter instead of repeating the same words.

Before you start writing your cover letter, you need to
  1. Find out more about the company
  2. Find out more about the job or position
  3. Find out the skills that organization or job is looking for
Your cover letter should
  1. Introduce you (your name, contact number, email)
  2. Recruiter/their name, position, company name, contact details
  3. Name of the position/job that you are applying for
  4. List your skills & match your skills with the skills required for the job
  5. Finish with a call to action (example: requesting for an interview or meet)


Hope this post helps you write a better cover letter!


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